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Summer School 2024

What if the Green Silk Road was a school? What if travelling merged with learning to become travellearning?

Introducing the GSR Summer School

This 10 day residential program will be held from July 22 to 31st, at a beautiful regeneration site in Romania called Provision. The learning starts the moment participants leave their house, so it includes travel to the site and back.

Topics we will explore during the program include:

  • Understanding collapse and system breakdown. What do we need to relinquish from the current dominant models of economy, education and governance? 

  • Lessons from on the ground alternatives, what worked? What didn't? Why?

  • Transformation and metamorphosis. How does system change happen? Which frameworks help us keep the larger picture in mind while busy with the nitty gritty of day to day operations?

  • Relating with the more than human world. What approaches help us tap into the wealth of interspecies wisdom? And how do we weave this practice into our organisational work? 

  • Skills and support systems. It's important to learn how to grow food, build shelter and heal each other when mainstream structures collapse. However, a single individual cannot master all. So how to set up effective mutual aid models without too much hassle?

The GSR approach to learning aims to involve all of ourselves: head, heart and hands. Just like travelling to the site, the act of living together on site is as much part of the curriculum as the reading and writing.

2024 summer school design ext
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Download the course description for more information

Here is the link to apply

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