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To see this map click the button to open a New Window

Once the map opens in the new window, select "satellite" view to see the natural landscapes of the regions.

Thematic Projects

We can categorise initiatives by place or topic. In the first version of the GSR database we use Airtable to connect the two. Here you will see tags marking thematic work areas and GPS coordinates showing the physical location. Themes we are looking at so far include:

  • Alternative economy and social entrepreneurship

  • Holistic education, including ecoliteracy and experienced based learning

  • Sustainable and community based living

  • Landscape regeneration and restoration ecology

  • Cultural dimensions of systemic change

We are inspired by a movement in India called the Vikalp Sangam which organises two types of gatherings: 

  • Place based sangams, where multiple movements come together to connect across sectors and develop a shared understanding and vision for a particular region;

  • Thematic sangams, where people working in the same field come from many different places and build an inter-regional network of peers.


So far, we have not asked or received any funding from any donor. So our resources are limited. We are paying close attention to that which wants to emerge. Let us know if you are aware of any place based or theme based collaborative that seems a good fit for the GSR!

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