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Summer School '24




10 days


About the Course

With this summer school we want to help changemakers 

  • deepen their awareness of planetary state of emergency

  • articulate the need for a paradigm shift in how our societies think about climate, community and system change;

  • grow their connection to nature, ecology and the Web of Life;

  • effectively include art and creative expression in their work;

  • integrate elements of embodiment, service learning, cultural immersion, non-Western perspectives, and green travel into their work; 

  • form a network of peers who share their passion for regeneration; 

  • exchange experiences with hands-on regenerative projects between organisations and sectors;

  • build a knowledge commons - a collective repository of resources and materials to inspire and guide future learning.

This is a pilot and we intend to build a longer, deeper learning program the following year based on this year's experience and evidence.

Your Instructor

GSR facilitators

GSR facilitators

There will be experienced change makers, artists, activists, scholars, farmers and builders. A wide range of wisdom and skills will be shared with participants in a co-creative manner

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