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group of travellers from 2023 cohort
map of projects along the Green Silk Road
Our Quest

The Green Silk Road belongs to nobody in particular, it is a shared expression of a deep desire by humans to live in harmony with the rest of the Web of Life. Travellers use it to avoid unnecessary pollution, regenerative projects across Eurasia use it to get to know each other and learn together. As do artists, academics, policy makers and social entrepreneurs.

We invite you to co-create with us the Silk Road of the future!



The ancient Silk Road was a lifeline connecting continents and channelling goods, services, philosophy and innovation. It was a product of its time. What would such a route look like today? What kinds of ideas and valuables want to be carried along its path? How can the exchanges themselves be an example of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?

We hold more questions than answers. That doesn't mean we do nothing, it means we act from a place of curiosity, care and humility. The world is changing rapidly and we face many unprecedented challenges. The climate crisis is entangled with other crises including overconsumption, mass extinction, extreme inequality and political polarisation. Today's solutions risk becoming tomorrow's problems if they are not based in fundamental questioning of the story of modern civilization.

Let's co-design a green future. Volunteer now

How does it work?

There are many ways to get involved: you can be a traveller, participate in a learning program, become a host or a partner. Each comes with its own roles and responsibilities. We have some ideas about what they could be (see HERE), but prefer to ask you first. Let us know what you can offer and what you expect from other Green Silk Road members!

GSR travel

GSR travellers visit ecological and social projects across Eurasia to share stories, experiences and skills. Together we find ways to help each other out. This can take many shapes or forms!


These are some examples of activities that worked in the past:

  • A workshop on using a particular tool (like Business Model Canvas in Persian or Community Canvas in Turkish or Hungarian);

  • Sharing skills that travellers bring with them (like making videos on a phone, or upcycling tetrapak or swimming or juggling or stitching); 

  • An educational activity (like games that teach about waste or ecology);

  • A creative activity with children (like painting on a collective art piece, or recording songs together);

  • Collective gardening (like setting up a school garden or a nursery);

  • Informal sharing of challenges, success stories and failures;

  • Documentation of local initiatives (depending on available equipment).

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